Time-Saving Converting Tools You Can Start Using Absolutely for Free

AltoWordtoPDF is ready to announce brand new powerful tool for converting Word docs To PDF files. A new solution for your document management is already available online. For you and your convenience a service is created as the easiest way to change file formats on the go. Get the best benefits in one hub. Combine simplicity, speed and security with no cost. No registration required. Sounds like something unbelievable. However, Altoconvertwordtopdf.com is inspired to do the impossible.

Over two million people convert PDF documents online every year. AltoWordtoPDF is enforced to solve the problems, people encounter every time they want to complete a simple procedure. AltoWordtoPDF platform was generated specially to facilitate the work process of all users and to reduce the number of steps to complete. Changing documents format should be completely automated. Only innovative full tool packaged service can give the best results.

Smart Solution Improves Collaboration

Operating the big amount of information takes a lot of strength. It’s not easy to organize everything and even a small mistake demands a lot of additional work. Piles of paper have had their day but the paperless office still requires an application designed to fulfill particular purposes of the user. For instance, using particular file format for all the documents causes format compatibility problems. It is very important to choose software, that all of your stakeholders can comfortably use without hesitating. But now you don’t have to be torn between PDF and Word. Use both of the most popular formats as you like. Easily change the format of your documents before submitting them to your partners.


New Features to Check Out Now

Converting Word files to PDFs becomes easier since useful converter is available online. Wherever you are, use any Internet-connected device to upload your files to AltoWordtoPDF converter simply by dragging and dropping the needed files into the box on the screen. In case, you have changed your mind, you may easily delete everything. Plus, you do not need to worry about security. All your information is highly protected with encrypted connection. No one can get access to your data, because all files are deleted just after being converted. Whether your software is Windows, Mac or Linux, be free at using AltoWordtoPDF, because this application runs in a browser and it is compatible with all major operating systems . Adding to this, all the tools exist on the cloud, that means, they are available anytime for anyone. Enjoy easy working with your documents even being out of the office. No space on your computer consumed. You don’t need to waste your money on additional software, and you save your time eliminating installations. Just go to the website and click the Convert button.

Automate Time-Consuming Tasks In Few Clicks

I takes some simple steps to get the final results. Easily get started by uploading a file to the website. Once it is opened in the editor, click the Done button, and choose Save As from the dropdown menu. Another option: choose MY DOCS, select the needed document in its folder and click Save As in the right pane. The next page will be open then. Four easy steps left:

  1. Press ‘Choose File’ to upload Word docs. Browse your device or import documents from a cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.).
  2. Click the orange button to start converting.
  3. Download PDFs you get or click ‘Continue editing’ to make changes to the document.
  4. If you want to perform another conversion, press ‘Start over again’

After the form is converted, you still may add any type of content. You can make it stuffed full of text, vector and bitmap graphics, interactive elements, forms, audio, video, different annotations, etc. Few clicks make significant changes.


Once all desirable changes have been made to your document, you may easily send it to a recipient as a contract to sign. You may type your signature or upload it. It is also possible to draw it with your mouse or touchpad or capture a handwritten one with a webcam.

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